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The bus for us?

November 22, 2009

Golden Arrow buses are a mystery worthy of Agatha Christie. These big tin relics, seemingly built during World War Two, rumble through Cape Town’s streets with all the finesse of Soviet tanks going into battle. And they’re just as user friendly.

Bus stops are merely shelters on the side of the road – they provide little to nothing in the way of information. It’s incredibly difficult to locate any sort of guide to the service and its routes., which appears to have been “designed” and uploaded to the web at the dawn of time, is absolutely the worst web site I’ve ever had the displeasure of visiting – in terms of both look and content. You can use the site to request information from the webmaster, but why more information isn’t available online by default is beyond me.

It seems as if only regular nine to five commuters know how to use Golden Arrow. It’s definitely not for tourists or the faint of heart. Perhaps I should just wait at a bus stop and hope that when a bus finally arrives it takes me to Muizenberg and not to Manenberg.


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