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Travel shorts: Snow in February, London

February 1, 2010

I lived in London for most of 2009 and it snowed on the morning of my twenty-fourth birthday. I took the longest possible route from King’s Cross Station to work in York Way in order to savour the moment. This was the first time I’d ever experienced this beautiful phenomenon that most South Africans know only from television. It was the perfect birthday present. Three weeks later the South of England experienced its highest snowfall in eighteen years. Buses were taken off the roads and many Tube stations, including my local, North Greenwich, were closed, giving me and millions of London residents a wonderful opportunity to skip work and play in the snow with the neighbours. The day’s lack of productivity resulted in the capital’s economy taking quite a knock, but this meant nothing to the man on the street who was chucking snowballs at passers-by (often suited businessmen walking back to their homes from closed Tube stations). London for one day was converted from a city of millions of detached commuters into a city of friendly faces and idle chitchat between strangers. “Recession” and “credit crunch” were mere words.

An empty bus stop in the Sainsbury’s car park on the Greenwich Peninsula – all buses were taken off the road due to the heavy snowfall (or “inclement weather”)

Overlooking Greenwich towards Greenwich Park, where hundreds of school kids gathered with makeshift cardboard toboggans

The following morning – King’s Cross Station with St Pancras International in the background


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