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Public spaces in the Cape Town CBD

February 23, 2010

The Cape Town Partnership has been instrumental in improving the Cape Town Central Business District and, in turn, the lives of the thousands who work and play within its borders. Fundamental to their approach is a commitment to reclaim public spaces for public use. While some question the importance of public space in a modern, internet-based social networking world, I personally am in favour of CTP’s efforts. The hordes of Capetonian business people who spend their lunch hours relaxing in these urban oases will most likely agree; as will the traders, the tourists, the protesters.

I’m currently researching for an article on city squares. Over the coming weeks I will post images and observations relating to squares in the Cape Town CBD, as I attempt to elucidate the history and the role of our public spaces.

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  1. Thank you for your mention of the work of the Cape Town Partnership. As you say, we are indeed committed to the concept of public space for public life. We have been very influenced by the work of Danish public space architect Jan Gehl. You may be interested in some of my own writing about public space in the Cape Town Central City at Regards, Andrew Boraine

    • Thank you for your comment and for your amazing work in keeping the city centre vibrant. I’m reading your blog as we speak – it’s very, very interesting – and will certainly look up Jan Gehl.

  2. Rashiq Fataar permalink

    Both this blog and Andrew’s blog are amazing.

    Will try and visit City Hall this weekend as well as the Design Indaba…World Design Capital here we come!!

  3. Thank you MrRambler for your insight into the things I would usually take granted, namely my place of residence. I was always looking abroad for things to quell my thirst for interesting experiences, but, as you have portrayed via blogging, there is more to my home city than just area surrounding my work and home. Essentially, I should view Cape Town and South Africa as an outsider, a foreigner; to experience it all anew, to merely walk and look with experience hungry eyes as to take in the wonder of our city as so many do when coming here for the first time. Thank you and keep it up, I’ll be back.

    • Indeed. Thank you for visiting. I spent seventeen months in the UK and when I returned I made a conscious decision to explore Cape Town as a tourist would. The best way to do this is on foot.

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