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Cape Town IRT brand identity revealed

May 6, 2010

The name: MYCiTi

The slogan: Siyajikeleza. Laat wiel. Going places.

The logo:

The red ribbon, an abstract interpretation of Devil’s Peak, Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, represents the dedicated IRT bus lanes

This afternoon I braved the sudden onslaught of winter to attend the official unveiling of the Cape Town IRT brand identity on Granger Bay Boulevard in Green Point. The press assembled inside Granger Bay Station, where we were shown the new IRT buses and given a rundown of the branding process.

I will refrain from sharing my impressions, for now, and let the following photos do the talking. Capetonians, what do you think? Does the branding adequately represent our city? Will you use these buses? (Click images to enlarge.)

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  1. I love everything your pothos have shown us who are far from CT. Combination of trains, Golden Arrown and My CITI wil make wonders for the City of CT.

  2. I like the design. The buses look great. I like the little stations. I just hope they can keep up with maintenance… maybe it would be better to leave the plastic on the chairs, lol. I would use them fosho.

  3. Zo! permalink

    WOW!!! Go Cape Town.

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