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August 16, 2010

Dear reader,

Thank you for meeting me on Fascination Street. The 2010 SA Blog Awards is just around the corner. If this blog has informed you, inspired you or entertained you – hell, if it has given you something to read at work on a slow news day – please click the link below to nominate me.

nominate this blog

I started Fascination Street to help build up a writing portfolio and to create an outlet that would motivate me to practise the craft. Since getting a job in publishing, my output here has been admittedly rather staggered. Next month I will be moving to a flat walking distance from work. This will eradicate my commute and give me more time to explore and write for pleasure. I hope to damage my shoes even further and to improve my posting rate.

My next post will more than likely include photos of the demolition of the Athlone cooling towers. If you didn’t know, the “twin towers” are set to fall at noon on Sunday 22 August. This is a significant event and I’m sure no one is going to miss Cape Town’s least favourite landmark. Situated strategically between the Northern and Southern suburbs, and near the city, the land on which the towers currently stand will be freed up for a potentially interesting (hopefully mixed use) development.

See you Sunday at Rhodes Memorial?

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