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Walk the city

November 5, 2010

Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote for Cape Town Live.

Take the traditional view that Cape Town is a society for drivers, and you will miss out on a great deal. Aside from being healthy and environmentally sound, walking is the best way to get to know a city. Avid pedestrians recognise that there’s more than first meets the eye. They are clued into a metropolis of alleyways, cobbled streets and diverse architecture. Car people can keep the bland highways.

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  1. karen permalink

    Hi Brent, went through some of your articles and realy liked your latest article about walk the City. Cape Town is for sure the most beautiful city of all capital cities in South Africa. According to what I see on your photos it is still also well looked after. Thumbs up for those who look after the city! Up here in Pretoria it is not at all the same. I work in central Pretoria and what I see every day from my office window (24th floor!) is a city falling apart, negleted and left for the scavinges (aasvoëls). Only some upclass places that has tourism interest is looked after. Twenty years ago I could walk in the evenings in the streets. We enjoy’d going out for nice meals or some drinks and I also enjoyd some of the dance clubs. Today I wont put my feet in the street after 18:00. Enjoy your city and look after her.

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